Voice Training Centre.

VTC offers a variety of courses in Energetic & Body based Voice Training. 

This method focuses on the balance between voice, body and energy. Everything is connected and in reaction.  

Our body is a flow of energy. The energy that keeps us alive but also the energy that can cause physical symptoms. People are often unaware of this energy and emotional components start to manifest themselves in other places in our body, disrupting the flow. 

This causes physical discomfort, such as voice problems and limitations of your vocal capacity. 

Physical recovery is an important aspect of healing. Body-oriented techniques provide recovery from the inside out.

Our voice is connected to our body and emotions through our nervous system. Voice techniques are important to achieve long term recovery.

Training and awareness of all the components bring about a change in behaviour based on an individual’s internal needs.

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Meet Anouk

As speech language pathologist and voice expert, I have been working with people with voice problems, professional speakers and singers for years. I have worked in different places and with many companies and organisations. 

After years of work experience and numerous trainings, I have developed my own method and approach on voice training, Energetic & Body based Voice Training

My mission is to guide and support people on their way to healing, more self-awareness and impact by starting from within themselves. By training a network of certified coaches all over the world, our mission and vision is furthered to lead a more holistic way of working.

The brand story of Voice Training Centre

A silence fell. A silence in my head. The sweat stood on my forehead. My throat squeezed shut. 

You know it well. As a speaker, singer, podcaster, coach or therapist, we have all reached this spot at some point. The question is, how do you get past this point without too much damage? 

Our voice is our instrument, our identity, but sometimes the flight into the known is easier than showing your true self. Also as a professional, you need to deepen your voice. Deepening into yourself. Deepening to connect. To go deeper back to your own strength. If you understand what your own power is, you can also bring out that energy. Your own strength is reflected in your own voice, but that is also your greatest weakness, your vulnerability, your bottleneck. We prefer to hide behind many fine words and high theories rather than tangible, connecting truths. Out of fear for our vulnerability. The vulnerability of our true selves. 

Let me guide you. Let me support you. 

I feel your pain. The strong facades you want to break through. The inner desire for more. 

If you really want to bring about change, start from within. Then there will be movement. A movement that feels so natural and yet so liberating. Like fresh wind in your hair on a hot summer day. 

Let me add the lustre to your high theories. Impersonate your inner desires. Give your voice its colors again. Unleash your power as a professional. 

The curtain falls. And this time you are not alone. The silence is carried and supported. The sweat on your forehead gives way to trust en recognition. Your throat opens. Your voice speaks. Your world changes. 

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