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Are you ready to learn all about voice training? Guide your clients better, get better results, struggle less during your sessions, and be known as an expert in your field?

Let’s do this together!

This method focuses on the balance between voice, body and energy. Everything is connected and in reaction.

Our body is a flow of energy. The energy that keeps us alive but also the energy that can cause physical symptoms. People are often unaware of this energy and emotional components start to manifest themselves in other places in our body, disrupting the flow.

This causes physical discomfort, such as voice problems and limitations in your vocal capacity.

Physical recovery is an important aspect of healing. Body-oriented techniques provide recovery from the inside out.

Our voice is connected to our body and emotions through our nervous system. Voice techniques are important to achieve long term recovery.

Training and awareness of all the components bring about a change in behaviour based on an individual’s internal needs.





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