4 Simple Exercises for Vocal Tension

At the end of the day, your voice may feel tired and even a little sore. This indicates voice abuse. Of course it takes time to learn to use your voice better, or maybe you are going through a very busy period. A short voice massage can already offer a lot of relaxation.

It is important that the muscles around the vocal tract are sufficiently relaxed. Muscle tension causes the vocal folds to vibrate less, so that more effort is needed to vocalise. This, in turn, causes extra strain on the voice and even voice misuse and abuse.

Do this exercises to stretch the muscles around your larynx. A great way to get started!

Start with this laryngael massage. 4 simple exercises to practice daily and use after a day of vocal overuse. Do each exercise 3 times on each side.

Exercise 1: Mobilisation of thyroid cartilage

Take the thyroid cartilage between your thumb and index finger. Move it slowly and in a controlled way from left to right.

Mobilisation thyroid cartilage

Exercise 2: Mobilisation of hyoid bone

Do the same with the hyoid bone. Move it slowly from left to right.

Mobilisatie hyoid bone

Exercise 3: Massage membrana thyroihyoidea

Between the thyroid cartilage and the hyoid bone is a membrane that holds the two structures together. Massage the space between the structures by circular motions.

Massage membrana thyroihyoidea

Exercise 4: Massage m. sternothryroideus

Place your index finger and thumb relaxed around your larynx. Make a vertical movement from top to bottom. Apply slight pressure so that the thyroid cartilage moves gently downwards.

Massage m. sternothryroideus

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